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Simulation test of the heat storage based on phase change material

Waste heat recovery is technology which is used in many fields. It is particularly interesting to use it to recover heat from an internal combustion engine and then to use it, for example, to start the engine in winter conditions or to collect heat when the radiator is damaged. In order to optimize and better understand the heat recovery process, numerical simulations were performed. The article presents the numerical analysis of heat storage used to accumulate waste heat energy from combustion engine. Working medium is sodium acetate trihydrate. The simulation was carried out in Ansys software and the goal was to simulate charging and discharging processes and verify the thermal capacity of the system. Results were compared with the measurements obtained on the test stand where heat storage has been installed.
Topic: Other
Author: Przemysław Mężyk
Co-authors: Sławomir Sładek Grzegorz Przybyła