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Description of acid battery operating parameters

The principles of acid battery operating and its features are discussed. The tests results of voltage measured at the terminals of a loaded battery under constant load conditions dependence on time have been presented. The principles of acid battery electric models creating and various possibilities of its description are presented. The principles of processing the results for the purpose of determining and describing the battery model are characterized. The possibilities of description of the characteristics under stationary and non-stationary conditions by means of glued functions, linear combination of exponential functions and determination of electrical parameters of the battery as components of the circuit, i.e., its electromotive force, resistance and capacity are indicated. The signals recorded during the cranking of the engine crankshaft by the starter are discussed. There are indicated the possibilities of using the crankshaft driving signals as diagnostic signals of the battery, electric starter, and internal combustion engine.
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: Józef Pszczółkowski