VII PTNSS Congress - 27th-29th June 2017
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Recent Advances in Measurement Technology for Low Particulate Emissions in a Legislative Framework

The combination of modern engine technologies, efficient aftertreatment and tighter emission standards has led to drastically lower particle emission levels in Europe today. The conventional test methods aimed at determining particle mass (PM) fail at such low emission levels. PM tests also do not permit distinguishing a DPF that is working properly from one that is malfunctioning or even disabled by the user. These and other reasons led to particle number (PN) measurement becoming established as the method of choice for low particle emissions. The measurement of solid PN is superior to the gravimetric PM method both in terms of precision and speed. There are several emission legislations that have added PN as an additional parameter at present. An overview of already enforced as well as an outlook of upcoming legislations that will require PN measurement will be given and corresponding test solutions will be shown. The emission testing in the field, e.g. of construction machinery DPFs, is an important aspect and portable test equipment capable of measuring solid PN from combustion sources will be explained. An additional question is the possible existence of “solid” particles in the sub-23 nm size range. Finally, the size of PN emissions will be addressed. Particle size provides valuable information to better understand the emission, its fate and how it can be treated most effectively.
Topic: Engine accessories and equipment
Author: Thomas Krinke
Co-authors: Oliver F. Bischof