VII PTNSS Congress - 27th-29th June 2017
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Evaluation of usefulness of mass flow meter to the survey of SI engine cylinder filling in one working cycle

Filling the air of multi-cylinder SI engine is unique in subsequent cycles and practically immeasurable. This is due to a number of phenomena, such as: incomplete emptying of the exhaust gas from the previous cycle or outflow of part of the fresh air during the valve overlap into an exhaust system. This paper attempts to measure the air-filling one cylinder of the four-cylinder engine for each cycle. This measurement is burdened with an error. However, a method for minimizing measurement error was prepared. It was assumed that some of the phenomena occurring during filling will be carried out in a manner similar to each other in successive cycles. The error was estimated for each cycle to assess the suitability of the method for controlling the composition of the mixture in each cycle of the SI engine.
Topic: Fuel injection systems and mixture formation
Author: Zbigniew Wołczyński