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Bio-Ketones: Experimental investigation on fuel properties of pentanone and cyclopentanone blends which can be produced from lignocellulosic biomass

Use of alternative fuels in compression ignition engines is the topic for many researches. This paper presents the result of lubricity, calorific value, viscosity, surface tension and density of ketone blends with diesel to use as an alternative fuel in compression ignition engine. Analyses of fuel properties are vital due their effect on fuel system. In addition, this study is related to the development of future biofuels and it indicates the effect of oxygen double bond in molecular structure of ketones on important fuel properties. Pentanone and cyclopentanone were used which can be produced from lignocellulosic biomass through various kind of processing ways. Pentanone with straight molecular structure compared with cyclopentanone with cyclic molecular structure. Both fuels were blended with diesel fuel in the range of 10% wt., 25% wt., 50% wt. and 75% wt. Results from fuel properties tests were compared to the conventional diesel fuel. Results show that ketones as an additive to diesel, improved lubricity, surface tension and density of fuel but in contrast worsens viscosity and calorific value of the fuel. Combustion properties are currently under study. Keywords: Lubricity, Viscosity, Calorific Value, Diesel, Cyclopentanone, Pentanone
Topic: Alternative fuels
Author: Omid Doustdar
Co-authors: Miroslaw Lech Wyszynski*, Athanasios Tsolakis, Hamid Mahmoudi Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, The University of Birmingham, B15 2TT *Corresponding author Email: M.L.Wyszynski@bham.