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Algorithm for reducing the dose of LPG in dual fuel diesel engine using a knock sensor.

The article describes an algorithm to limit the dose of LPG dual fuel engine using the knock sensor. The main problem of limiting the increase in the share of LPG in the combustion process in a dual fuel engine is the appearance of knock, which, as in spark ignition engines is highly destructive to the engine. In modern control systems of LPG injection in dual fuel engines are used only protection of CI engine, causing the injection off at the time of exceeding the preset temperature exhaust or voltage of the knock sensor. This is a disadvantage economically and exploitation. The use of the proposed algorithm enables the dual fuel engine with the participation of the gas close to the maximum due to the knock. The algorithm reducing the dose LPG is similar to the control algorithm for ignition advance which is commonly used in spark-ignition engines. Experiments use of an algorithm have demonstrated minimization the occurrence of knock while maximizing the share of LPG during combustion.
Topic: Combustion process control in engines
Author: Damian Walczak
Co-authors: Łukasz Zieliński Krzysztof Szczurowski