VII PTNSS Congress - 27th-29th June 2017
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The internal combustion engine as a heat source for heating the vehicle

In this article the results of measurements of the amount of heat delivered to the heating of the interior of the cooling system of the internal combustion engine was been presented. The tests were performed at various ambient temperatures. In order to show the impact of traffic conditions on the volume of the supplied heat necessary to maintain a constant, desired temperature in the passenger compartment, desired temperature in the passenger compartment were separately carried out tests in city traffic and on highways. In order to enable operation of the heating system at full possible power from the start of the measurements, tests started it after warmed-up the engine to normal working temperature. Results will be used to create a model of mathematical simulation of battery selection of heat to the cooling system of vehicles with a hybrid drive system.
Topic: Engine thermal loading and utilization of heat released
Author: Tomasz Kosztyła
Co-authors: dr hab inż. Józef Tutaj