VII PTNSS Congress - 27th-29th June 2017
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Analysis of design parameters of pistons and piston rings of a combustion engine

Dimensions of piston rings and ring section of a piston determine the clearances between piston, piston rings and cylinder. These clearances are crucial for proper operation of the ring pack. Thus the proper choosing of the dimensions is essential for an engine. Unfortunately, the right choosing is difficult because of different functions the ring pack plays and varied conditions of operation. For example, dimensions that ensure the lowest blow-by might not be the best for oil consumption. That is why compromise solutions are sought. The effect of the top and second rings’ end gaps and volume between the rings on the ring pack performance will be studied in this paper. A mathematical model of the gas flow and ring dynamics will be used in this simulation study.
Topic: Modelling and optimization of engine processes
Author: Grzegorz Koszałka
Co-authors: Andrzej Suchecki