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The study fuel injection pressure using a pressure transducer Kistler 4067E on engine SULZER 3AL25/30

Most often they used in shipbuilding combustion piston diesel engines, which serve as power generators and main propulsion engines. However, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, enforce more accurate understanding of processes occurring in the piston internal combustion engine to reduce emissions to the environment. Also, the main reason for interest in the exploration injection system is also a desire to get the most powerful piston engines with the lowest fuel consumption. The paper presents the study of changes in fuel injection pressure, which allows analysis by the operator of thermodynamic processes taking place in the cylinder. Measurement of injection pressure allows to make the right decisions consumables, maintenance and even reconstruction of the examined object. The injection system is responsible for the correct amount of fuel supplied to the combustion chamber depending on the instantaneous demand (load). In addition, important parameters is the time at which fuel is supplied to the cylinder, the beginning and end of injection with respect to crank angle. For the above mentioned parameters significantly affected by the state of technical precision pairs injection This article aims to examine the operation of the injection pressure sensor and a comparison of curves measured waveforms pressure sensor Kistler 4067 performed in various operating states of a piston engine and simulated malfunctions diesel engine SULZER 3AL25 / 30.
Topic: Engine testing, durability, reliability and diagnostics
Author: Dominika Cuper-Przybylska
Co-authors: Jacek Wysocki