VII PTNSS Congress - 27th-29th June 2017
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Turbulent spark-jet ignition in SI gas fuelled engine

The article contains a thermodynamic analysis of a new combustion system that allows the combustion of stratified gas mixtures with mean air fuel equivalence ratio (air excess coefficient) lambda in the range 1.4–1.8. Spark ignition was used in the pre-chamber that has been mounted in the engine cylinder head and contained a rich mixture out of which a turbulent flow of ignited mixture is ejected. It allows spark-jet ignition and the turbulent combustion of the lean mixture in the main combustion chamber. This resulted in a two-stage combustion system for lean mixtures. The experimental study has been conducted using a single-cylinder test engine with a geometric compression ratio  = 15.5 adapted for natural gas supply. The tests were performed at engine speed n = 2000 rpm under stationary engine load when the engine operating parameters and toxic compounds emissions have been recorded. Analysis of the results allowed to conclude that the evaluated combustion system offers large flexibility in the initiation of charge ig-nition through an appropriate control of the fuel quantities supplied into the pre-chamber and into the main combustion chamber. The research concluded with determining the charge ignition criterion for a suitably divided total fuel dose fed to the cylinder.
Topic: Combustion process control in engines
Author: Ireneusz Pielecha
Co-authors: Wojciech Bueschke, Wojciech Cieślik, Maciej Skowron