VII PTNSS Congress - 27th-29th June 2017
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Energy Flow Simulation Study of the Helicopter Diesel engine

The paper discusses the research results for a 1-dimensional (1D-CFD) Diesel engine model to drive a light helicopter. For the research, a model of a high performance engine satisfying the requirements for being mounted in a helicopter was developed. The modelling aimed at achieving a specific fuel consumption below 190 g/kWh and a maximum power of at least 320 kW with low engine weight and size to be maintained. Those values correspond to the minimum requirements that are needed for an ideal construction of a light helicopter [1]. The analysis of the thermal balance of the engine as a Sankey diagram is given here. This analysis chiefly consisted in the determination of how the energy from combusted fuel flows from the engine crankshaft and into the environment.
Topic: Modelling and optimization of engine processes
Author: Konrad Pietrykowski
Co-authors: Paweł Magryta